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A little earth to stand on.

“We’ll stand out in our front yard
Where we can finally breathe
If we find a little earth to stand on
Baby, you and me”

from New Home Town by Sara Evans

This adorable family just moved into their beautiful new home.  And when I say beautiful, I mean the kind of beautiful where I could just edge them right out the back door and bring my family in the front to make ourselves at home.  These guys are too nice to be too jealous of.  I’m extremely happy for them, for real.  Okay wait, in the name of honesty, I’ll admit I’m quite jealous of the covered outdoor patio with fireplace and tv.  It doesn’t get any cooler than that.  It just doesn’t.

I’ve had the pleasure of photographing them for the past several years.  I’m so grateful to friends that have trusted me since the beginning & they definitely have.  They’re always dressed just right; the perfect balance between matching and complimenting outfits.  The older two are absolute pros by now & the youngest surely will be by next time.  She made me work but really only just a little.  It seems like the two year old mind possesses just enough narcissism that once they see their face (happy or unhappy, doesn’t matter) on the back of the camera, the music goes down and the lights come up…showtime!  Fruit snacks are also quite helpful.

Thanks guys, till next time!

Jessie - Oh, Nancy! Your work is just lovely!!!! You have given this family images that they will treasure for a lifetime. You have managed to capture their time at their new home with such beauty – great job!

Who tooted?


These guys are just such a fun & cute family.  My friend Kate, the adorable mom, came armed with plenty of treats & snacks which the kids loved.  Kate & Ryan both have such great senses of humor.  It’s fun to watch them interact with their kids, joke with them & handle little situations with amusement and light.  Once they got on the blanket & started making paper airplanes, I was far enough that I couldn’t really hear their conversation.  Someone’s constitution must have been reacting to all of the treats though because I heard a parent say, “Ooh, who tooted!??” more than once.  I mean, how can you not love a family that makes flatulence jokes together?  You can’t not smile a little at that.  And then you can’t not smile a lot when you see how cute they are together.

Kate and I have been friends for a little over a year but it doesn’t seem like a new friendship at all.  She’s what I affectionately refer to, in the most positive way possible, as “easy”.  “Hey Kate, want to go get froyo?”  “Hey Kate, want to take a bike ride?”  “Hey Kate, want to wear wigs & Goodwill bridesmaid dresses and ride around in a pink limo?”  Her “Sure!” is the same for any occasion.  She’s up for anything and always keeps the crowd in stitches with her humor; some physical, some impersonations and some carefully rehearsed original characters.  And Ryan’s cool too.

Kate - I love this, we laughed so hard when we read this post. Nancy, your pictures are truly amazing and we love to read your “take” on our session.

FILM FRIDAYS [seventh]

I finally got the first few rolls back from the medium format Pentax 645.  It’s a beast and I love it!  Manual focus is so hard but kind of a fun challenge.  And I think I’m overexposing too much.

I tried to use this last “wait” for the scans to intentionally focus on other things.  I was semi-successful.  I still feel very drawn to film and the workflow potential it offers.

Here are a few shots from the first couple of rolls.  They were Portra 400 developed and scanned by Indie Film Labs.  I’m working on some Ektar 100 and it’s so fun to be chasing sunlight instead of running from it!  I’m including some out of focus images in the interest of full disclosure and for documentation’s sake.  You know, for when I’m nailing focus every time in a few months.  Yeah right.

This Film Fridays series is part of a blog group I participate in with other film photographers, next up is Karyn Johnson, please check out her beautiful work here:  http://www.karynjohnsonphotography.com/2013/07/film-fridays-july-edition-rollei/

JessicaN - Wow I think you did great with the focus for the first roll. I love the second one, so sweet, and the ones of all three. Gorgeous tones too. I can’t wait to see the ektar too.

Jenny Owens - ooh that pentax is pin sharp when it’s in focus but you know what, I really like your oof shots too!

Katiusca - I think the pentax will be my next purchase. The images are great and I really like the OOF ones too; adds to the fun nature of the images.

heidi - Gah! Love these-I refuse to be tempted by all this medium format! 😉 lol

The in focus are tack sharp-uber impressed with your manual focus, and I like the oof! :)

I like your portra 400 colors!!!

Stacy - What a wonderful assortment, Nancy! I remember the digi ones of your daughter in the field and I so adore these film ones! That portrait of your son is so very cool and handsome, and the garage ones are fun – yay for you getting in there, too! Can’t wait to see more of your medium format work. As always, your kids are just darling!

karyn - oh how i love these nancy! i love the out of focus ones too!! great colors!

zoe - nancy, these are gorgeous! and you’re even in one! your smile alone makes me want to meet you in real life. :-)

our project ten: july 2013



I’m attempting a photo-a-day in July.  So these are scattered.  We are having a great summer but I’m, as usual, constantly feeling like I’m swimming upstream against the flow of all things fun.  We have made two pool visits without towels because they were all in the laundry.  I mean really.

Lulu’s first day of swimming lessons.  It was raining.  Not sprinkling.  Raining.  The other two had already swam so there was nothing keeping Lulu from doing her lesson.  Her sweet teacher, Maggie, always has a smile on her face, I almost feel bad that I caught her in an unhappy expression but not enough to not include it because it was RAINING.

Ellie was we were decorating bikes for the 4th of July parade.

It killed Bradyn that he wasn’t the first kid right behind the fire truck and it killed Lulu that there was so much space between she & Bradyn.  At one point, I had a friend’s kid on my back & had to full-on run to catch them.

A shot for Nana in the 4th of July outfits she sent for the kids.

These lanterns are always a highlight.  It’s so exciting to see them float up.  And also fun when someone else’s lantern lands in your yard later.  Fun as long as nothing catches on fire which could be said of the entire holiday, I guess.

I’ve always refused to even try for firework pictures.  I’d rather be in the moment but this year, I was feeling sentimental about how happy we are at this point in our lives living here in this area in this neighborhood with great neighbors and that we always get to see tons of fireworks from our yard.

This kid is just either really good or really bad during the summer.

They’re getting a little old for bathtub pictures but I wanted to capture the girls bathing together.

She rarely uses her iPod but one night right before bedtime I caught her watching a show on my bed.

Please check out my friend Gorete’s beautiful images of her absolutely gorgeous little people:


Project 10, July 2013 | Abu Dhabi Lifestyle Photographer » Kirsty Larmour Photography – Abu Dhabi Lifestyle Photography - […] head over to see Nancy, and see how her day was this month… until next month, […]

Gorete - Nancy, so lovely to see your beautiful family. The shot for nana is so sweet! I enjoyed reading and seeing these great snippets of you day.

our project ten: june 2013


Last June, I documented our last day of school traditions.  This year, I wanted to document my own day before summer actually started.

Lulu and I spent some hair-smellin’, cuddlin’, snoozin’, Disney Jr. watchin’ time after the bus pulled away:

And we had to hit Target for Walking Taco supplies:

…and a few other things:

Happy camper at the gym day care:

She really wears me out but she’s still easier than all three:

Feeling a little anxious:

And the bus comes and no one’s yelling “FREEDOM!!!”

And I agree to break my  80 degrees rule and take them to the pool when it’s only 77.  Lulu was the only one that was willing to swim in the frigid water:

And then they’re eventually in bed and the day is over and so is the school year and there’s peace and promise of a happy morning and a happy summer.  Hey, it could happen:

Check out my friend Robyn’s day as she’s finally able to get out & do some yardwork after a rainy spell:  http://www.robynoakenfold.com/blog/our-project-ten-june/

Project 10 – June 2013 | Abu Dhabi Lifestyle Photographer » Kirsty Larmour Photography – Abu Dhabi Lifestyle Photography - […] the kids leave over a month, not just a day…  Now head on over to see my friend Nancy of Nancy Lary Studios and see what they’ve been up to this month… until next time, Kirsty […]

Kirsty - Aaaah how wonderful – the text message made me laugh – I love long lazy summers with my kids but it definitely sometimes feels like you need your battle plan in place!!

robyn oakenfold - oh the calm before it all. looks like a nice day, love that text message, it could have been my hubby and me. lol! here is too a wonderful summer break!

Nana Linda - I finally got here to see this. Arlene said it was great. And it is. Nana is coming THIS summer to play. Promise.