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Yearly Archives: 2010

NLS is going digital in 2011

I’ve had a fantastic year photography-wise.  Well, it’s been a great year all the way around.  But a really good year photography-wise.  I’ve made progress with my technical skills as well as developing the beginnings of a “style”.  I’ve upgraded and updated equipment enough to cover me for the next few years.  I’ve shot just […]

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Choosing a location with heart

Growing up in a small town was great.  Staying friends with my small town friends is even better.  Sara was a year older than me in school but our parents were friends and colleagues so we’ve been friends our whole lives.  And playdates at her house scared the bejeezus out of me.  She lived in […]

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Holiday Promo 2010 is here!

Holidays?  Already?  Oh yeah holidays already!  For the months of October and November, you’ll get a holiday card design with your session!  We’ll design the card together using images from your session and you can choose from the digital file for the card OR 25 premium press-printed cards…included in your $200 session fee.  How’s that […]

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Eloise gets her first closeup

Eloise was visiting her Grandma in Granger & we had a fun girly morning of bows, hats, blankies, pictures & a little TV time.  Eloise’s mom might be a first-timer but she knows that sometimes you have to do what you have to do to keep a baby happy! It was so fun to watch […]

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Poll: Is Nancy keeping up on the Happiness Project?

Okay, there’s no poll.  But the answer is yes.  I’ve only read through June.  I think it will be a two-year project for me.  I’ve become a million times more mindful of my own happiness in terms of what makes me happy, what inspires me, what keeps me from being happy day to day and […]

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