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Ballerina Playdate

Sometimes it’s fun to be the one with the camera.  Really, really fun.  I caught this one of our dear ballet friend the other day.  She’s a beautiful girl & I was so happy to have been the one with the camera at that moment.

Ah I just love this shot!  I captured a really sweet smile but it’s still playful and natural.  The thing is…when I like a picture, I always want to just try it in black and white.  And then I almost always prefer the black and white version over the color.  There are times I turn the color off when I’m taking pictures of my own kids just so I don’t have to choose.

Which one do you like better?

Stacy - Love, love that black and white! What a great image all the way around!

Kathryn - Ahh I love your b&w images…always a treat.

stacy - I love the B&W image…the color one is great too, but the BW one seems to show the emotion better to me. I’m a BW girl! Nice job!

Sari - So so cute! I am more drawn to the B&W. :)

Jes Gwozdz - Lovely portrait. Looks like I am the only vote for the color one though. LOL!

Kanani - Tough call! There both great but my eyes seemed to be drawn more to the B&W!

Wendy - LOVE your black and white conversions, Nancy! And I am so wanting you to do my blog customization. You may hear from me soon. :)

Christy - I can’t decide which one I like better – I know you captured that sweet girl’s joy!

Katrina - Beautiful shot! I think I would have to choose the B&W, but both are gorgeous.

Heather Sikkenga - She has such beutiful eyes and a georgous smile, Nice job Nancy

Liz - when you have a model as cute as that one how can you decide which one is better! Love the B&W though!

Rebecca Mitchell - Sooo pretty! It’s gorgeous either way!

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