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our project ten: april

The April Edition of the Project Ten series.

I didn’t have a plan this month.  I shot a few this morning and then got a little inspiration this afternoon.  There have been some really amazing videos on The Bloom Forum.  Photographers taking the time to learn the video functionality on their fancy cameras.  I’ve been loving them and decided this afternoon would be a great time to break out The Magic Lantern Guide & read about video.  I’ve played with it a little but practiced more today.  I think having video footage of a lifestyle session would be the absolute ultimate in documentation.  And I want to have more video of my own kids!

So just a few from this morning:

Seems like the nice morning light catches my eye almost every day, especially if I have a moment when the big kids have gotten on the bus & Lily is still sleeping.  This morning I had the distinct pleasure of chasing the recycling truck down in my sweats, t-shirt & socks, racing the bin to the curb…in front of the bus.  You’re welcome, kids.  There’s a price for being environmentally responsible:  humiliation.  Then.  Nice light:

I did paperwork/computer work while Lily watched not-age-appropriate shows on the iPad (Spy Kids & Judy Moody):

Then it was:  Lily to sitter, home for more paperwork (3 of 3 clients cancelled), errands, pick Lily up, get her down for a nap in time to greet Ellie off the bus (fully clothed at this point, TYVM).  Bradyn is participating in a running club at school & had training today.  This is time for me to connect with Ellie & work on schoolwork.  It’s fantastically lovely.  Much like Ellie herself.

(made you grin!)

The video effort resulted in the most ordinary, everyday, reach-out-and-touch-it, to the moon and back, awwww-inspiring, okay fine I’ll say it,  m a s t e r p i e c e  ever.


Yeah.  Pa.  DOW.

Please keep browsing & check out my friend Andrea’s day:  http://www.andrealinn.com/2012/04/10/our-project-10-atlanta-tourist-edition/


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Kirsty-Abu Dhabi - LOVE it – love the video so much – love the way you put it together and added the perfect music – you’re so clever!

Amy - AH-MAZING. As always. I love the video shoot. I am terrible about video footage. You are inspiring me to make this a part of our routines too. Love the idea of talking to them around the kitchen table.


Efi - Love it Nancy! What a gorgeous light you have there!!

Life with Kaishon - Inspiration from the afternoon. I love it : ) Sometimes the most basic moments in life are the most beautiful : )

tina hunter - what a precious video! i love that it is just a quiet moment drawing…priceless. love the entryway shot too.

laura - The video? GOLDEN.

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Andrea - Your daughter is so gorgeous. She has the most beautiful eyes and I can just feel her bounding through the house in your photos. Lovely!

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