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our project ten: april

Spring break!  It sounded like a good idea at the time, right?  It was actually a great break.  We took it easy.  Slept in.  Ate out.  And then when they went back to school I realized I had gone 10 days without a kid-free hour.  People are starting to count down to summer which is great and all but we might just need a nanny to get through this summer!

We started it off right by visiting a really fab bookstore attached to a really cool record store.  My friend Amy of momadvice.com had done a book signing there & sent pictures.  It’s such a cool space.  Then we went down the street to a soda shoppe, lunch counter place, Olympia Candy Kitchen.  It was such a fun little trip.  I had a sitter already lined up for Lulu when we made the plans so it worked out that we were able to take the 5 kids and still fit in one van.  One of us is going to have to buy a Honda Odyssey with that extra seat…or sell a kid!


Check out my friend Kati’s day.  Have you ever gotten gas in your jammies or forgotten the all-important beach day at school?  I sure have.  http://kathrynroseimages.com/blog/10-10-april-project-kathryn-rose-images-eau-claire-natural-light-photographer/

Kirsty - Looks like such a great fun yet chilled out day just hanging out and doing fun stuff 😀 the perfect kind of day to document x

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