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our project ten: may 2013


So I didn’t get out my big camera until the end of the day when I went to get the kids from their after school running program.  It was the last day before the 5K this weekend.  We went for treats at Sonic to celebrate.  It was the kind of afternoon when there’s just not enough caffeine in the world to convince me I should be awake.

Lulu hadn’t napped.  She was actually asleep standing up here, I think.

But that’s not something that would keep her from trying to keep up with her brother & sister.  Yes, she’s barefoot.

My eyes, my eyes!  They’re stinging from the awkwardness.  Not so much the awkward that’s already there but the glimpse of what’s to come.  Ouch.Downhill slide to bedtime.  In my under-caffienated stupor, I told them it was going to storm that night & if they were asleep by 7:30, they could sleep in the basement.  We tried.

Manual focus fail.It was closer to 8:30 but we slept down there.  It went well except for Lulu getting the “sniffs” in the middle of the night.  sniff sniiiiiffff sniffsniffsniff whiiiinnneeee sniffsniffAnd when I finally went to get these pics loaded, I caught her playing so nicely this morning.  She deemed that the sniffs were a serious enough illness & that she would skip ballet.  I went along with it.  She’s playing, we’re listening to records & maybe I’ll finish up the laundry.  Then I think yesterday is proof enough that we should both take a nap today!

Please keep browsing our blog circle to see my friend Alpana’s images.  She is one of my new favorites and I can pretty much promise she was 100% conscious when she was shooting because she’s brilliant:

San Francisco’s family and kids photographer, Storyboxart



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alpana - you have such a gorgeous family, Nancy! Thank you for a peek into your lives. I love the family photo… focused or not!

Kirsty - So glad that even without caffine you managed to shoot a day in your lives – not sure I could manage it without coffee – so fab to see you in one too – even with the blurriness 😀

kati - Love this Nancy. Sonic use to be a favorite stop for my kids. But they closed here in Eau Claire. Such a crime. Basement sleeping sounds fun! Looking forward to your adventures next month. :)

Kay Pickens - Love these, even the not quite focused one…good for you for getting in the photo. Hope you got your nap in. Hate those “never enough caffiene” days! (your kids are growing up so quickly!!!)

Lynet Witty - Haha! I loved your son’s “awkwardness” photo! I’m glad you said it because I think it all the time with my younger siblings!

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