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our project ten: june 2013


Last June, I documented our last day of school traditions.  This year, I wanted to document my own day before summer actually started.

Lulu and I spent some hair-smellin’, cuddlin’, snoozin’, Disney Jr. watchin’ time after the bus pulled away:

And we had to hit Target for Walking Taco supplies:

…and a few other things:

Happy camper at the gym day care:

She really wears me out but she’s still easier than all three:

Feeling a little anxious:

And the bus comes and no one’s yelling “FREEDOM!!!”

And I agree to break my  80 degrees rule and take them to the pool when it’s only 77.  Lulu was the only one that was willing to swim in the frigid water:

And then they’re eventually in bed and the day is over and so is the school year and there’s peace and promise of a happy morning and a happy summer.  Hey, it could happen:

Check out my friend Robyn’s day as she’s finally able to get out & do some yardwork after a rainy spell:  http://www.robynoakenfold.com/blog/our-project-ten-june/

Project 10 – June 2013 | Abu Dhabi Lifestyle Photographer » Kirsty Larmour Photography – Abu Dhabi Lifestyle Photography - […] the kids leave over a month, not just a day…  Now head on over to see my friend Nancy of Nancy Lary Studios and see what they’ve been up to this month… until next time, Kirsty […]

Kirsty - Aaaah how wonderful – the text message made me laugh – I love long lazy summers with my kids but it definitely sometimes feels like you need your battle plan in place!!

robyn oakenfold - oh the calm before it all. looks like a nice day, love that text message, it could have been my hubby and me. lol! here is too a wonderful summer break!

Nana Linda - I finally got here to see this. Arlene said it was great. And it is. Nana is coming THIS summer to play. Promise.

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