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our project ten: july 2013



I’m attempting a photo-a-day in July.  So these are scattered.  We are having a great summer but I’m, as usual, constantly feeling like I’m swimming upstream against the flow of all things fun.  We have made two pool visits without towels because they were all in the laundry.  I mean really.

Lulu’s first day of swimming lessons.  It was raining.  Not sprinkling.  Raining.  The other two had already swam so there was nothing keeping Lulu from doing her lesson.  Her sweet teacher, Maggie, always has a smile on her face, I almost feel bad that I caught her in an unhappy expression but not enough to not include it because it was RAINING.

Ellie was we were decorating bikes for the 4th of July parade.

It killed Bradyn that he wasn’t the first kid right behind the fire truck and it killed Lulu that there was so much space between she & Bradyn.  At one point, I had a friend’s kid on my back & had to full-on run to catch them.

A shot for Nana in the 4th of July outfits she sent for the kids.

These lanterns are always a highlight.  It’s so exciting to see them float up.  And also fun when someone else’s lantern lands in your yard later.  Fun as long as nothing catches on fire which could be said of the entire holiday, I guess.

I’ve always refused to even try for firework pictures.  I’d rather be in the moment but this year, I was feeling sentimental about how happy we are at this point in our lives living here in this area in this neighborhood with great neighbors and that we always get to see tons of fireworks from our yard.

This kid is just either really good or really bad during the summer.

They’re getting a little old for bathtub pictures but I wanted to capture the girls bathing together.

She rarely uses her iPod but one night right before bedtime I caught her watching a show on my bed.

Please check out my friend Gorete’s beautiful images of her absolutely gorgeous little people:


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Gorete - Nancy, so lovely to see your beautiful family. The shot for nana is so sweet! I enjoyed reading and seeing these great snippets of you day.

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