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Who tooted?


These guys are just such a fun & cute family.  My friend Kate, the adorable mom, came armed with plenty of treats & snacks which the kids loved.  Kate & Ryan both have such great senses of humor.  It’s fun to watch them interact with their kids, joke with them & handle little situations with amusement and light.  Once they got on the blanket & started making paper airplanes, I was far enough that I couldn’t really hear their conversation.  Someone’s constitution must have been reacting to all of the treats though because I heard a parent say, “Ooh, who tooted!??” more than once.  I mean, how can you not love a family that makes flatulence jokes together?  You can’t not smile a little at that.  And then you can’t not smile a lot when you see how cute they are together.

Kate and I have been friends for a little over a year but it doesn’t seem like a new friendship at all.  She’s what I affectionately refer to, in the most positive way possible, as “easy”.  “Hey Kate, want to go get froyo?”  “Hey Kate, want to take a bike ride?”  “Hey Kate, want to wear wigs & Goodwill bridesmaid dresses and ride around in a pink limo?”  Her “Sure!” is the same for any occasion.  She’s up for anything and always keeps the crowd in stitches with her humor; some physical, some impersonations and some carefully rehearsed original characters.  And Ryan’s cool too.

Kate - I love this, we laughed so hard when we read this post. Nancy, your pictures are truly amazing and we love to read your “take” on our session.

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