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A little earth to stand on.

“We’ll stand out in our front yard
Where we can finally breathe
If we find a little earth to stand on
Baby, you and me”

from New Home Town by Sara Evans

This adorable family just moved into their beautiful new home.  And when I say beautiful, I mean the kind of beautiful where I could just edge them right out the back door and bring my family in the front to make ourselves at home.  These guys are too nice to be too jealous of.  I’m extremely happy for them, for real.  Okay wait, in the name of honesty, I’ll admit I’m quite jealous of the covered outdoor patio with fireplace and tv.  It doesn’t get any cooler than that.  It just doesn’t.

I’ve had the pleasure of photographing them for the past several years.  I’m so grateful to friends that have trusted me since the beginning & they definitely have.  They’re always dressed just right; the perfect balance between matching and complimenting outfits.  The older two are absolute pros by now & the youngest surely will be by next time.  She made me work but really only just a little.  It seems like the two year old mind possesses just enough narcissism that once they see their face (happy or unhappy, doesn’t matter) on the back of the camera, the music goes down and the lights come up…showtime!  Fruit snacks are also quite helpful.

Thanks guys, till next time!

Jessie - Oh, Nancy! Your work is just lovely!!!! You have given this family images that they will treasure for a lifetime. You have managed to capture their time at their new home with such beauty – great job!

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