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Category Archives: 2011 | 365

Joy of Luck Day #1: Gift

The prompt for the first day of Willette’s Joy of Luck was “Gift”.  I started reading the email (late at night) and the first thing that popped into my head was “iPhone”.  Brian gave me an iPhone a few days after Lily was born.  I didn’t need an iPhone and it was more money than […]

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5 people 12 times: February

February 28.  All day I was thinking, “Ugh, it’s the last day of February and we haven’t taken a family shot this month.  I’ll have to do some crappy snapshot tonight.  So much for a worthwhile creative project.  Way to bomb on the 2nd month….”.  But I set us up after dinner anyway.  We’re not […]

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Just My Buddy

Sure that he could outdo Ellie, he requested a turn for pictures today.  He’s somethin’ else, I tell you.  And scrawny.  He is now and always has been my buddy.  He knows when to shape up and get on my side.  His dynamic personality really makes me wonder what kind of adult he’ll turn out […]

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Joy of Love Day 7: Generations

So I get the email for the Willette Joy of Love project last night and it’s on “generations”.  She suggests we shoot kids with grandparents or pictures of family members or whatever.  We don’t have any family in the area and rather than contrive a picture of my own kids with a picture of a […]

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