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film fridays [fifth]

It’s not Friday.  It’s Saturday.  And it’s not the last Friday of the month…or the last Saturday.  But I have film images to share! I set a light up in the living room on Christmas Eve this year and only shot film.  It was so liberating. I used my Elan with Portra 400 NC (expired) […]

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film fridays [fourth]

I laid off the film for a while.  Then I took a workshop in early December with two of my favorite film photographers, Becky Earl and Ryan Muirhead at The Bloom Forum.  It was one of the more fantastic learning experiences I’ve had in photography.  They’re both excellent teachers, inspiring photographers and really cool people.  […]

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film fridays [third]

I took a huge risk and shot a few rolls of film of a gorgeous family at sunset during the Bloom Face To Face workshop in May.  I knew there were going to be beautiful people and beautiful light.  And I knew the ol’ Canon A-1 probably wouldn’t handle the strong backlighting & haze but […]

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film fridays [second]

Therapy. A lot of photographers use photography as a creative outlet. It has been that for me. But I’ve recently gone back to work as an Occupational Therapist. Part-time. It wasn’t something I planned to do but once the wheels were set in motion, I knew I wanted to do it. I’m working with babies; […]

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Film Fridays [first]

Film’s kinda trendy these days.  People are shooting film with vintage cameras.  People are spending a lot of money on film cameras and workshops and expired film.  People are talking a lot about film.  People are talking a lot about how film can bring the joyfulness and artfulness back into photography.  Film demands that you […]

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