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Category Archives: Happiness Project

Willette made me do it. I cleaned my desk.

The Happiness Project lives on! Kelly Willette is a truly un-dislikeable person.  But if she was dislikeable, I’d dislike her for this being her version of a “mess” and for her “mess” to be this pretty.  Visit her blog for pretty mess pictures and to see why I cleaned my desk:  http://www.willettedesigns.com/?p=2951 I like her […]

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Poll: Is Nancy keeping up on the Happiness Project?

Okay, there’s no poll.  But the answer is yes.  I’ve only read through June.  I think it will be a two-year project for me.  I’ve become a million times more mindful of my own happiness in terms of what makes me happy, what inspires me, what keeps me from being happy day to day and […]

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