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Category Archives: Krispy Kreme Fridays

our project ten: september

What a perfect opportunity to overshoot my son’s first sleepover.  I mean, he’s slept over with family friends and such but this was the first time I contacted a mom of a kid at school and set it all up.  In looking forward to it, I was thinking they’d need a lot of settling down.  […]

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our project ten: july

Whoa!  What IS it with summer?  What IS it about having all three kids around all the time that is so completely mentally exhausting?  We’re spending a lot of time at the pool and a fair amount of time just chilling out but WHOA.  I’m killing myself trying to “enjoy summer”!  And this one.  This […]

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Film Fridays [first]

Film’s kinda trendy these days.  People are shooting film with vintage cameras.  People are spending a lot of money on film cameras and workshops and expired film.  People are talking a lot about film.  People are talking a lot about how film can bring the joyfulness and artfulness back into photography.  Film demands that you […]

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Meet me at Krispy Kreme!

Announcing Krispy Kreme Fridays! It’s summer.  Let’s have donuts. Watch the NLS Facebook page … I’ll be hitting KK with my kids from time to time on Friday mornings this summer.  I mean, three kids all summer long …we’ll need donuts and coffee by the end of the week, right?  I’ll announce it on facebook […]

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