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Category Archives: Project Ten

our project 10: november

I had a plan to document a quiet Friday night.  Friday afternoon & evenings can be some of our most relaxing time together.  The kids don’t have homework or activities.  There’s no rush through dinner and into bedtime.  On the Friday nights that we order pizza, we put the “wooby” (Army camo blanket) out & […]

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our project ten: september

What a perfect opportunity to overshoot my son’s first sleepover.  I mean, he’s slept over with family friends and such but this was the first time I contacted a mom of a kid at school and set it all up.  In looking forward to it, I was thinking they’d need a lot of settling down.  […]

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our project ten: august

I’m totally faking it this month. It’s the 9th and I knew I couldn’t lug my camera to drop the kids off, to work, to get the kids, to the car place, to the mall, to the car place again and home. And I knew I wouldn’t be able to make much magic happen after […]

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our project ten: july

Whoa!  What IS it with summer?  What IS it about having all three kids around all the time that is so completely mentally exhausting?  We’re spending a lot of time at the pool and a fair amount of time just chilling out but WHOA.  I’m killing myself trying to “enjoy summer”!  And this one.  This […]

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our project ten: june

This month I took the opportunity to document the last day of school.  We don’t go to overboard with traditions around here but the first day of school and last day of school are Walking Taco (snack-size bag of Doritos crushed then cut open on side & taco fixins’ dumped in) days! Ready for the […]

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