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Janet Power Photography | blog design for photographers

Janet had her header done by the fabulous Tracy of Sugar Lime Designs.  Then she entered the world of blogging with a bit of trepidation but you’d never know it.  She would be unsure about something one minute and then totally have mastered it the next!  She’s got some gallery slideshows on her blog too so it’s kind of more of a blogsite which is pretty cool.  Check them out at the Janet Power Photography Blog!

Janet - Thanks Nancy it has been great working with you . You are so patient with my never ending questions.

Heather Sikkenga - Love the look of this blog Nancy, You did a very nice job. :)

Captures By Summer | blog design for photographers

I have Summer to thank for my having learned WordPress.  We’d worked together on a custom blogger template last year.  Then she came to me this spring and said she thought she needed to move to WordPress.  I agreed to try it, went and bought “WordPress For Dummies” and that was that.  Thanks, Summer!  http://capturesbysummer.com/blog/ & maybe leave a comment telling her how great it is!

Heather Sikkenga - You did a great job with Summer’s blog..

Summer Adams - Nancy,
Your work is awesome as usual! I loved my blogger blog and love my wordpress blog even more!

Sweet Life Photos | blog design for photographers

My very favorite thing about Heather is that she calls me “dear”.  She says, “Okay dear, talk to you later!”  and “Hello dear, how are you?” and it always makes me grin.  And Heather is a total figure-it-out-er.  She does her own graphics; she did her own slideshow and she made her own background!  We got the chance to meet this spring at a meetup for One Photo Source and I hope we’re able to get together again sometime soon!  Stop by the Sweet Life Photos Blog and check it out!

Heather Sikkenga - Oh my, if you could see how red my face is.. You are just the sweetest thing next to a big bowl of candy.. Nancy, thank you so much for all that you have done. I would like to comment to anyone thinking about using Nancy to help design their blog or private client site. Nancy will take total care of you. She does great work and does it in a timely fashion. Thanks again “dear.”

Megan Jane Photography | blog design for photographers

It’s so fun when you share a vision with a client from the very beginning.  Megan contacted me about doing her blog and I knew it was going to be a great opportunity for me to really do some fun stuff with the beloved Tofurious Premium theme.  We agreed right away on a layout and went from there.

She has an amazing eye for photojournalistic photography.  I’ll enjoy following the blog almost as much as I enjoyed working on the project.  Visit MeganJane Photography | The Blog!

Heather Sikkenga - this is very nice Nancy. I love the color and layout. nice work..