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film fridays [fifth]

It’s not Friday.  It’s Saturday.  And it’s not the last Friday of the month…or the last Saturday.  But I have film images to share!

I set a light up in the living room on Christmas Eve this year and only shot film.  It was so liberating.

I used my Elan with Portra 400 NC (expired) pushed to 800.

I also shot a roll of B&W inside, on the A-1, TMax 400 pushed to 800.  You can see on the first image clear evidence that I need to be more careful when loading this camera.

A few more from the Portra.

It was Jayme’s idea to do a non-last Friday post.  Check out her sweet images & a few other in our group that posted impromptu Film Friday posts:  http://www.jaymefranklin.com/2013/03/film-fridays-hello-march/

Stacy - Nancy, these are just fabulous! It is so much fun to see the different results you get from different film stocks, lighting situations, and settings. That last one is so cool!

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The Fronts: Family Photography Session

I’ve known Kara & Ben for a few years and was really looking forward to doing their family session.  I think Ben mentioned to my husband in passing that they wanted to do the session at some warehouse artist’s co-op.  I hadn’t heard of such a thing so when Kara sent me the link, I was like, “GET OUT OF TOWN!” because it was so cool.   Like really outside of the box cool, expand my horizons cool, SHUT UP cool.  They’re doing all kinds of cool, artsy things at Lang Lab in South Bend but most of all, it looks really cool and has great light.

This was one of those sessions I really enjoyed and could have just shot all day.  Thanks so much, Ben & Kara for sharing your beautiful family and LangLab with me!

film fridays [fourth]

I laid off the film for a while.  Then I took a workshop in early December with two of my favorite film photographers, Becky Earl and Ryan Muirhead at The Bloom Forum.  It was one of the more fantastic learning experiences I’ve had in photography.  They’re both excellent teachers, inspiring photographers and really cool people.  They laid it all out there, answered every question, did google hangouts (where I didn’t talk even after letting a little wit hang out in the workshop forum, big surprise), scored us a great discount code for Indie Film Labs and are even going to return to the forum once we’ve all had the chance to shoot and develop some film.  It was a turning point for me, I’m sure.  And definitely the motivation I needed to learn how to use a light meter.  And to buy a light meter.  These are from a test roll I developed at Walgreens just to see if I was using it correctly.

Portra400NC (expired) on Elan7:

When I got this roll back, I called Brian at work and said, “So.  Say I sell my camera and buy a really big film camera…”.  And he said, “No.  Save your money.”  And I said, “Okay.”  Sometimes I really rely on him to be my voice of reason, like literally I need to hear his voice to balance out the really loud, impulsive thoughts in my head.  But I’m really really looking forward to shooting a whole lot more film in 2013 & yes, saving money for a big film camera.

Amy Allen Clark - Light meters? Say what? That is awesome! All of these images are absolutely beautiful, Nancy!! I love them all!


karyn - Awww! I love these Nancy! The color and exposure look good, not to mention your adorable kids!! And I hear ya about needing your voice of reason. My husband told me just to not tell him or ask him anymore, because he said that I just go and do whatever I want to anyways. LOL…I’m trying to be better about my impulse purchases :). I am so happy that you’re getting back into film. Can’t wait to see it all this year. Happy New Year!

JennyO - Are you kidding Nancy! You don’t need a big film camera – these are wonderful – fantastic light, focus and clarity! (ok, actually I can’t wait to see what you can do with a medium format camera, but seriously these shots rock!)

heidi - Nancy, these are amazing-that first one! OH!!!!! I am in love with these tones. I loved 400nc! I am so bummed they stopped making it. IMO portra 400 was NOT a replacement. :( Oh you have inspired me to shoot some film on my backdrops. :)

our project 10: november

I had a plan to document a quiet Friday night.  Friday afternoon & evenings can be some of our most relaxing time together.  The kids don’t have homework or activities.  There’s no rush through dinner and into bedtime.  On the Friday nights that we order pizza, we put the “wooby” (Army camo blanket) out & sit together on the floor.  No struggle at the table.  TV’s on.  Just easy & chill.

I usually let the afternoon snacking go free-for-all.  Today I let them open the bag of peanuts we bought a few weeks ago:

The dumb dog is the only one that would cooperate in good light.  See that giant collar thing?  That’s for the wireless fence system.  We just re-instituted it this summer & it’s greatly improved our quality of life now that we don’t worry that he’s going to bolt out the door every time someone goes in or out.  I like him a lot more now.

Pizza picnic.

As usual, shooting for this project helped me get shots of my kids and document out daily life which I’ve really been neglecting.  This has been my busiest fall ever & it’s just so happened to coincide with Brian’s busiest fall in a while.  There’s a revolving door of babysitters.  I’m so grateful that my kids are able to roll with times like this.  They’re troopers.  I guess with parents working as much as we are right now, we don’t have to wonder where they get that.

Please continue on to see what my friend Kirsty in Abu Dhabi has been up to:  http://kirstylarmourblog.com/2012/11/project-10-november-2012-abu-dhabi-lifestyle-photographer/

Kirsty - Love it!! We have Friday nights like that too – no pressure nights are the best. Oh and sweet doggie – the stories of him running away made me laugh!!

Kirsty - PS So glad you made time to do this in the middle of all the craziness :)

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We interrupt your scheduled…

Tonight after 15 minutes of trying to sort through the tangled web of computer software, external hard drive and my evolving (read:  changing) file organization (read:  not organized), these images popped up while I was searching.  I’ve officially become the photographer that doesn’t shoot my own kids.  I’m trying to focus on balance during this busy fall season.  Trying.  So I’m taking a moment to enjoy these images.  These images of my daughters playing a game (the infernal Candyland) together.  Ellie being infinitely patient.  Lily listening & following directions.  They’re being sisters, in a good way & I took the time to get a few shots of it.  What did you interrupt today for something more worthwhile?


Okay now let’s all go back to whatever annoying crap we were struggling with before this little diversion.