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our project ten: september

What a perfect opportunity to overshoot my son’s first sleepover.  I mean, he’s slept over with family friends and such but this was the first time I contacted a mom of a kid at school and set it all up.  In looking forward to it, I was thinking they’d need a lot of settling down.  But they barely even needed my attention; after the ice cream, movie-picking, pizza delivery & cookies at 10pm, that is.  They played with iPods, watched movies and ate.  It was great.  Every time I’d go down to check on them, they’d both say, “Best sleepover EVER!”  And where did we go in the morning?  Krispy Kreme, of course!

This is a blog project I do with a group of photographers.  Please keep surfing on to the next up, Andrea to see her stud of a daughter kick some IronKids butt:  http://www.andrealinn.com/2012/09/10/our-project-ten-iowa-edition/


Life with Kaishon - That looks like a nearly perfect day : ) I love it! It sure is fun to watch them grow, isn’t it?

Kirsty-Abu Dhabi - What a perfect day to capture – so exciting and such a milestone too

Amy - Absolutely adorable! It really does look like the best sleepover ever! :)

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Efi - Such a great subject to document Nancy!!! Love their excited faces !

our project ten: august

I’m totally faking it this month. It’s the 9th and I knew I couldn’t lug my camera to drop the kids off, to work, to get the kids, to the car place, to the mall, to the car place again and home. And I knew I wouldn’t be able to make much magic happen after that kind of day. So I’m sharing a few daily shots from this month as well as a couple phone shots from today.

Bradyn preparing for his first ever real audition.  He went big & I was so proud.

My lifelong friend, Natalie, came to visit with her family.  We took the kids blueberry picking.  We played in the yard.  We stayed up super-late.  There’s nothing in the world like spending a few days with someone you’ve known your entire life.

And then they left and we crashed.  Slept most of the day & stared at the Olympics until 10pm:

Loaned my Lensbaby to a friend & was excited to use it again when she returned it.  Also.  When attempting a photo-a-day project, sometimes this is the best you can do:

And from today.  The house across the street from one of my Occupational Therapy clients.  I enjoy this family immensely and am impressed with the faculties people can employ to get things done when given the right direction and support.  Their actual house doesn’t look this bad.  She recently moved there to get her kids in a better school district and away from her previous slumlord.

Sometimes a trip to The Chocolate Cafe is in order to shake the bad-hood-heebie-jeebies.  Nothing a diet Mt. Dew & bagel couldn’t fix.

Please keep surfing the blog circle to see what my friend Kirsty was up to:  http://kirstylarmourblog.com/2012/08/project-10-august-abu-dhabi-lifestyle-photographer-2

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Kirsty-Abu Dhabi - So lovely get get a peek into your life this month Nancy and well done for getting a post up amongst all that’s going on x

our project ten: july

Whoa!  What IS it with summer?  What IS it about having all three kids around all the time that is so completely mentally exhausting?  We’re spending a lot of time at the pool and a fair amount of time just chilling out but WHOA.  I’m killing myself trying to “enjoy summer”!  And this one.  This one is really challenging all of us…the other kids, the parents, all of us.  She is all spunk with a side of sweetness.

I’m pretty happy that I took the time to document the not-so-cute moments.  This kid will turn on a time, y’all.  Watch out!

Next please visit my friend Jobrina’s blog to see what she’s been up to.  I had the pleasure of meeting her in real life in May & she’s as sweet and lovely as she comes across in her work (and gorgeous profile picture!).

I threw together a video with footage from my outing with Lulu.  I think I might have to upgrade to LR4 for the video editing capability!

July Project 10: Lulu from Nancy Lary on Vimeo.

free as a bird, but alone « Love Resembles - […] Now head over to Nancy Lary Studios! […]

Amy - The cutest little video and you can drop Lulu off here anytime you need a break! We love that kid :)

Nana - Oh….the PERFECT song. I just love her so too!!!!

But I did like Born to be Wild.

Kirsty-Abu Dhabi - What a cutie!!! But I have definitely seen that face before!!! Thanks for sharing your day with Lulu!

Jobrina Hofleit - she is definitely FULL of spunk that little lulu!!!!! i love her dang cute expressions and i could watch her eat that donut all.day.long! lol

film fridays [third]

I took a huge risk and shot a few rolls of film of a gorgeous family at sunset during the Bloom Face To Face workshop in May.  I knew there were going to be beautiful people and beautiful light.  And I knew the ol’ Canon A-1 probably wouldn’t handle the strong backlighting & haze but I did it anyway.  Then, knowing I might not have crap for useable images, I took an even bigger risk and sent the pros at Indie Film Lab.  And I’m so glad…for all of it!




While I felt pretty unsure while I was shooting, I did quite enjoy the dad’s comment, “Hey you, with the film camera…you WIN!”  I won!  Yessss!

Film Fridays is a personal project I participate in with a group of photographers.  Next, please visit Jayme Franklin, a fabulous San Francisco Bay Area Family and Child Photographer.

Stephanie Tanne - Stunning…these give me butterflies!

kristen reed - really really love these.

Kay Pickens - Nancy, I LOVE these!…and how fun to “win” 😉

JennyO - These are wonderful Nancy! Film has such wide latitude, so you and the folks at Indie still did great with the strong backlighting.

karyn - I’m so glad you brought film!!! These are beautiful and I always love your b&w’s!!!

celeste jones - i love how these turned out…so pretty. love the light.

Melinda - Really beautiful images Nancy! Glad you were willing to risk shooting film. I really struggle with taking that chance when it’s something important to me.

HollyChristine - L.O.V.E. Nancy, fantastic job. :)

our project ten: june

This month I took the opportunity to document the last day of school.  We don’t go to overboard with traditions around here but the first day of school and last day of school are Walking Taco (snack-size bag of Doritos crushed then cut open on side & taco fixins’ dumped in) days!

Ready for the bus:

Kindergarten graduate:

I was shooting the flag as I was waiting for the bus.  Can you believe some punk kids stole our flag that night?  Luckily, a neighbor found it in her bushes.  Punk kids.

I got root beer to have with the Walking Tacos:

And we happily eat amongst the mess:

Taking a pouting break:

Ice cream treat at the end of the evening:

Bring on the summer fun…and long days…and the back to school countdown!

Thanks for looking…and now check out the 4-H awesomeness of my friend Breeze’s daughter, Myra.  Visit Love Resembles.



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Kirsty-Abu Dhabi - What a lovely day (apart from the flag stealing) – seems so nice and calm and the perfect way to break yourselves into the summer holidays :) Enjoy your summer break

Amy - I love this family tradition and the pictures are just beautiful!! xo

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robyn oakenfold - sounds like a very wonderful day. everything expect the flag stealing (but glad to hear it was recovered). what a great kick off to summer!

Val Spring - What an awesome lastr day of school and summer kick off! You have such a beautiful family, Nancy! I hope you are enjoying your summer!

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