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our project ten: may

I’ve enjoyed this project 10.  10 pictures every month.  Everyday pictures.  To document my life; our life.  But sometimes it’s hard to muster the motivation & not all that convenient to cart the big camera around.  But I’m always glad when I’ve done it.  Do I say that every month?  It’s just as true this month.  This time I wanted to focus on the people we see.  I got a few but got happily distracted with catching my kids doing what they do.

I worked this morning so Lily was at the sitter.  We’re so lucky to have a sitter she’s happy to go to every time:

Such an active afternoon.  Outside.  Inside.  Outside.  Inside.  Outside.  Stop to draw a bunch of stars:

Laundry day.  “Somebody push me!”:

This one had running club after school & was happy to chill out with a new DS game:

We were supposed to go drop off a donation with friends but it got too late.  So they played hockey for 10 minutes instead:

And then there’s this.  I can’t remember what she was mad about.  Maybe not getting chocolate in her milk?  But she’s an angry little monster, especially before bed:

And the tide turns again:

Excited for my first workout on the new elliptical.  I’ve wanted to sport this inappropriately tight “have a coke & a smile” shirt from Wal-Mart for a year & who’s gonna stop me in my basement?  I had a barrette with a Shrinky Dink glued to it in my hair as well. It was a great workout:

(it’s okay to snort or chuckle or “omg”.)

Such a good, normal, busy, ordinary day.

Now head on over to my friend Robyn’s blog to see how her day was!

Amy - I love them all. I just love you. That is all.

Kirsty-Abu Dhabi - This series make me smile – and yes, especially the last one 😉

Nana - Love it, love it, love it….and love you too

Life with Kaishon - Now that looks like a very perfect day : )

South Bend Hotels - Hi there,
I was browsing around for photography blogs and I happened to stumble upon this post. I have to say that your ten daily family photos project is a great way to capture all those moments that you share with your loved ones and cherish the most. By the way the pictures are nice and it will be a delight to see more photos.

Andrea - Love the inappropriately tight Walmart t-shirt…that’s awesome! I also love the little mad face. My daughter is such an angry girl when she is tired so I totally relate!

robyn oakenfold - this is so wonderful! i love the normal, busy and ordinary days the best!

our project ten: april

The April Edition of the Project Ten series.

I didn’t have a plan this month.  I shot a few this morning and then got a little inspiration this afternoon.  There have been some really amazing videos on The Bloom Forum.  Photographers taking the time to learn the video functionality on their fancy cameras.  I’ve been loving them and decided this afternoon would be a great time to break out The Magic Lantern Guide & read about video.  I’ve played with it a little but practiced more today.  I think having video footage of a lifestyle session would be the absolute ultimate in documentation.  And I want to have more video of my own kids!

So just a few from this morning:

Seems like the nice morning light catches my eye almost every day, especially if I have a moment when the big kids have gotten on the bus & Lily is still sleeping.  This morning I had the distinct pleasure of chasing the recycling truck down in my sweats, t-shirt & socks, racing the bin to the curb…in front of the bus.  You’re welcome, kids.  There’s a price for being environmentally responsible:  humiliation.  Then.  Nice light:

I did paperwork/computer work while Lily watched not-age-appropriate shows on the iPad (Spy Kids & Judy Moody):

Then it was:  Lily to sitter, home for more paperwork (3 of 3 clients cancelled), errands, pick Lily up, get her down for a nap in time to greet Ellie off the bus (fully clothed at this point, TYVM).  Bradyn is participating in a running club at school & had training today.  This is time for me to connect with Ellie & work on schoolwork.  It’s fantastically lovely.  Much like Ellie herself.

(made you grin!)

The video effort resulted in the most ordinary, everyday, reach-out-and-touch-it, to the moon and back, awwww-inspiring, okay fine I’ll say it,  m a s t e r p i e c e  ever.


Yeah.  Pa.  DOW.

Please keep browsing & check out my friend Andrea’s day:  http://www.andrealinn.com/2012/04/10/our-project-10-atlanta-tourist-edition/


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Kirsty-Abu Dhabi - LOVE it – love the video so much – love the way you put it together and added the perfect music – you’re so clever!

Amy - AH-MAZING. As always. I love the video shoot. I am terrible about video footage. You are inspiring me to make this a part of our routines too. Love the idea of talking to them around the kitchen table.


Efi - Love it Nancy! What a gorgeous light you have there!!

Life with Kaishon - Inspiration from the afternoon. I love it : ) Sometimes the most basic moments in life are the most beautiful : )

tina hunter - what a precious video! i love that it is just a quiet moment drawing…priceless. love the entryway shot too.

laura - The video? GOLDEN.

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Andrea - Your daughter is so gorgeous. She has the most beautiful eyes and I can just feel her bounding through the house in your photos. Lovely!

film fridays [second]

Therapy. A lot of photographers use photography as a creative outlet. It has been that for me. But I’ve recently gone back to work as an Occupational Therapist. Part-time. It wasn’t something I planned to do but once the wheels were set in motion, I knew I wanted to do it. I’m working with babies; 0-3y/o but mostly 0. Newborns. Preemies fresh from the NICU. There’s a lot of scheduling and paperwork hassle. I was prepared for it to be too much at first. This week has hopefully been the worst of it. Tonight as I prepare to work a full day & then greet visiting family members, I’m facing a long night of cleaning and catching up. I’m sipping coffee at 10:30pm.

So I put this post off. I was happy with my Walgreens prints and knew it would be fun to go through them to do this [film fridays] post.  And oh was it good for my mojo.  The theme was [GREEN]. Tonight photography is my therapy.  I smiled as I went through these images & feel ready to carry on about my late night:










Please keep surfing on to Jayme Franklin | San Francisco Family Photographer.


Kathy - Great colors and beautiful images! Sounds like you do amazing work!

Tracy - I can not get over how grown up she looks here. She truly is a gorgeous child, all of your kids got that beauty gene. Love these!

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Amy - You are just so talented, my friend! I agree with Tracy, every time I see Lulu, it makes me smile. And I want to steal her.

I am so happy you are getting in the swing of things with your new job too. Again, just so proud of you! xo

Kay Pickens - I’m so glad you’re loving the film! Hope you can get in the groove with the part time job and life. Glad the photography is feeding your soul. We need that! Love these photos!!

Kim Hill - So so so cute!!!

Heather Moran - *GASP*
Gorgeous. You talent and child blow my mind.

Melissa - Nancy!! She is beautiful!! The shot that frames her face is beyond perfect!

karyn - oh nancy! i just adore these…seriously, really love them!! I so wish i could capture my boys like you do you’re children…and can I say that I want your walgreens! your color here is awesome. good luck on your new job too…it takes such a compassionate person to work in that field and that compassion comes through in your photography. :)

celestejones - nancy, these are great. love them, and she is adorable!

heidi - Nancy!!! Loved the green theme-the green ball on the foilage-awesome! And, your daughter in the shade…really really amazing!!! :) Love these!!!

Melinda - Nancy – you are making me tired! Coffee at 10:30 pm? I would be up all night! Maybe that’s the point… Beautiful images! Enjoy your guests.

JennyO - Awe, your girl is a cutie. Sounds like rewarding work as an OT despite the paperwork and scheduling problems. I don’t know if this is true for where you are but the uniform for occupational therapists over here is green so this film post is rather apt. :)

kelly klatt - Awww, what a sweetie~that shot of her looking up with the tree branches as a frame is AMAZING!

Cara - Loving all the green and your gorgous little one! And I agree photography is such wonderful therapy.

our project ten: march

I’ve really enjoyed doing these posts with everyday images for the “our project ten” project.  Click HERE to see past posts:  http://www.nancylarystudios.com/category/project-ten/.

This month, I didn’t pick a day.  Honestly, I’ve been enjoying the wintertime photography lull.  Sessions are picking up quite a bit for March & April so the time off has allowed me to rest.  Now I’m really looking forward to a busy spring season!

The other day, all three kids were outside playing and having a ball.  Then two neighbor friends stopped over, effectively ensuring at least another 30 minutes of happy playing by diffusing the sibling dynamic.  I was so happy to be watching five kids playing back there, all soaking up a warm afternoon, thinking about how things will be this summer now that everyone’s a year older.  I was content to watch the light soften without wielding a camera but took a few shots at the last minute.  One of each kid.

Keep surfing to see my friend Robyn’s day:  HERE.

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Kirsty-Abu Dhabi - Sweet! Sometimes you’ve just got to keep it simple! Glad you’ve enjoyed your downtime

Andrea - So sweet…love the sunshine.

robyn oakenfold - great light :) and sometimes is is nice to keep it simple and enjoy your here and now!!

Sara T - Could those kids be any cuter?

Jobrina Hofleit - What gorgeous light you captured in these Nancy, I love the simplicity….just perfect! 😉

Val Spring - Umm seriously my heart just stopped for a few seconds, yes you just almost killed me with these. I’m so totally seeing a book showcasing many kids photographed in that very same spot. Seriously Nancy, this is so artistic and wonderful. You should do that as a personal project, I think it would be amazing!!! Ok sorry I don’t want to put preasure on you, lol but I’m just very excited about these and want to see more. The second to last bw is beyond this world crazy amazing. Can you tell I’m in love wth your post?

Film Fridays [first]

Film’s kinda trendy these days.  People are shooting film with vintage cameras.  People are spending a lot of money on film cameras and workshops and expired film.  People are talking a lot about film.  People are talking a lot about how film can bring the joyfulness and artfulness back into photography.  Film demands that you shoot with intention.  Intention is my OLW (One Little Word) for 2012.

I’ve spent too much time shooting with intention and purpose.  The mention of posting a bunch of film images once a month made me think about how I’d be forced to shoot some fun film images every month.  With my old Canon A-1, I can’t spend an hour tweaking my settings to get the right shot.  I just have to make my best guess, shoot and move on.  That’s such a good lesson with photography.  Make your best guess, take the shot and move the heck on.

These are my images from the last week on Kodak B&W400CN film that expires in just a few months.  It was amusing to see the variance in tinting.  I didn’t correct anything but crop on most of them and sometimes exposure:

Thanks for looking & please keep surfing on to my friend Karyn:  http://www.jaymefranklin.com/film-fridays-our-family-vacation-part-2 to see what my fellow Bloom photographers came up with on their first Film Friday!

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celeste jones - I really like the variety here. I love when children are captured being carefree as they should be. Great work and cute kiddos:)

heidi - The water drops! Too cool! :) great shots. Yes, my walgreens kodak bw400Cn came back with sepia and green looking tints!!!

JennyO - Really nice set of your children and I love that shot of the grass!

Kirsten - I love these classic portraits. You have such beautiful kids! It seems like b&w in film can be a little bit fussy…but you did such a great job, these turned out so smooth and yummy!

Christina - Nancy, love all of them.

Cara - Wonderful Nancy, I love your portraits, but the grass and biteinto the donut are my favorites.

karyn - nancy! i love all of them!! can’t wait for next month already. my bw400cn comes back with various tints too, but I kinda like it.

Kathy - Love them all!

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