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our project 10: february

I let it slip this month.  I kept thinking about it throughout the day.  I’d taken a few shots with my phone of Lulu’s first dentist appointment.  When did actually using a camera get to be a chore?

So at the end of the day, funmom Greenlee invited us over for a ride in her golf cart because she got a heater & cover for it for Christmas.  Perfect photo op!  But I decided to take the opportunity to use my new Instax instead of the big camera.  I’ve hesitated to use it much even though I love it!

First the dentist:

She did great.  Oh Lulu.

Then the golf cart on Instax:

It’s okay to laugh.  I obviously need to get in more practice with the thing…especially learning to deal with the flash!

Check out my friend Andrea’s day.  To say she was more productive is a major understatement:  http://www.andrealinn.com/2012/02/10/our-project-10-february/

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Andrea - Love the new camera!! Even makes the dentist look cool :)

Life with Kaishon - Your blog background is so pretty. It makes me think of childhood days : ) Heavenly!

Kirsty-Abu Dhabi - Fabulous – love seeing you play with your instax and even sharing the mistakes – I love mine so much!!! And brave Lulu at the dentist too :)

Val Spring - Awesome shot at the dentist! Can’t wait to see more instax images!

Stacy - So awesome, Nancy! I love the dentist chair pic!

Nana - What ARE these people talking about? I’m laughing. What IS this camera?

Jobrina Hofleit - Love these pictures with your instax, really makes the pictures look really cool. Can’t wait to see more of what you get as you practice with it Nancy! 😉

Me x 12: January

The dreaded self-portrait challenge.  The self-portrait for which one must:  bathe self, dress self, arrange tripod, find remote, set-up shot, get remote to work, take shot, smile, not-smile, chimp…then load to computer and force self to look at self.  Dreaded.

But I’m forcing myself to do this once a month this year.  This time I had to have a headshot for reactivating my Occupational Therapy license.  I hope they appreciate it!  No, I know they won’t.  But I did it.  All of the above tasks (notice “creativity” is nowhere on that list).

This is my shot for January.  I see:  my computer glasses, a fat roll, my OLW “intentions” necklace, wash ‘n go hair (yay for wash ‘n go!), the standby pink shirt & my favorite light in the house.  I am not unhappy with what I see because it’s the best I have to offer right now.  I’m in good shape so the fat roll will probably stay for now.  I have glasses from Stanton Optical that probably aren’t the right Rx & I can’t even walk from computer to bathroom in because they’re funky but they still make me feel smart.  I’m wearing a daily reminder that I want to focus on following through with my intentions (as opposed to sitting on my ass thinking about things I’d like to do or should do or think would do if I had “more time” or acting like I intend to do things I truly don’t intend to do).  Me.  January 2012.

And a less self-revealing version.

Rachel - You. Are. Beautiful.

Thanks for the inspiration.


tamsen - oh Nancy, I love your honesty in these! So awesome! And I adore that laugh in the last shot!

Kim Hill - I’ve always loved how real you are in your posts, Nancy. You say things that many of us just think about and I can completely relate to all of what you have said. LOVE the shots, especially the last one. You look terrific!

kristen reed - Beautiful. I love them!!!!!!!

Kay Pickens - LOL, love these!!! Your posts always crack me up too! (get the remote to work is always a biggie for me. Do not know why it’s so fiddly!)

Carey - simply love. REAL.

Kate Clarke - I love these pictures Nancy! You look great and the glasses may be hazardous to your health but they make you look like a smarty pants!

Kate Clarke - I%20love%20these%20pictures%20Nancy!%20%20You%20look%20great%20and%20the%20glasses%20may%20be%20hazardous%20to%20your%20health%20but%20they%20make%20you%20look%20like%20a%20smarty%20pants!

our project 10: january

I was so looking forward to shooting for this project this month.  Not only have I committed to focusing on documenting our life with Project Life this year, I had just received a new lens (purchased with Christmas & birthday money so it was guilt-free and happy).  We’ve had a really nice Christmas break.  I admit, I was dreading having this first week of January off but it’s been nice.  We’ve had our fair share of the tension that comes with that much quality time but it’s still been very relaxing.  It will be bittersweet to see the bus pick them up on Monday.  Sweet to get back to the routine.  Bitter to get back to lists and appointments and alarm clocks and … the routine.

I’ve had the extreme pleasure of sleeping in almost every single morning.  Bradyn almost always gets up before anyone else & has even kept the other two occupied until I get up.  This morning, he was “playing school” with Lulu.  Storytime.

All three received Kumon workbooks for Christmas.  I bought on the easy side for all three so they’ve willingly sat down almost every day to work on them.

This one.  I’d looked at this book for her several months ago.  It’s tracing/pre-writing.  I thought it would be way over her head but she loves it.

The Toontastic iPad app.  Hours of this day spent watching and making cartoons.

I dare you to not grin right back at this next one.  Just having a little fun with the wide angle of the new lens.

Enough fun for now, ready for a nap.

We met friends at Urban Swirl.  A last hurrah for Christmas break?  Sure!  This situation went south and it went south fast.  Five silly kids.  One scarf.  It was bad.  I had to send an apology text to my friend afterward, “I’m embarrassed about the way they acted but I’m also very embarrassed about how mad I got.  So sorry!”  Five kids in five rooms until two dads came home.  Is it worth recounting that when I have a couple of happy, cute shots to show for it?

Waiting for the Den Meeting we were to host, showing off the day’s Toon creations.

The Den Meeting meant the girls needed to get out of the house.  A friend suggested we get out nails painted at the mall.  I assumed it would be expensive.  Five dollars each.  With flowers & bling.  New tradition!

Good day.  Long day.  As usual, I’m always so glad I was obligated to document a whole day in our life.  I love this project!

Keep reading & enjoy Efi’s day at Studio8!


Kim @ Starry Sky Ranch - Just found your website today. I love your work. Give me lifesytle shots any day : )

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Nana - I love this project too!

Andrea - Love the picture of all of you and I am dying to take pictures in a yogurt shop the color and light is so pretty!

breeze - Love your day! AH, how familiar the Urban Swirl scene gone south is! <3

Kirsty-Abu Dhabi - aaahhh such a wonderful day – love the one of you and the kids so much – and love that you’ve found a girly tradition – so much fun!

jasmine johnson - looks like a great day! love you with the kiddos… seriously – aren’t you glad you added ‘getting in’ to the challenge?? and yay to $5 manis!!

Jobrina Hofleit - Aw, great day and I here your sentiments exactly on going back to school, I’m always a little depressed after the break, love having my baby home with me. 😉 And loving your new lens, which one did you get???? How fun and exciting and loving the shot at Urban Swirl, great colors!!!! 😉

robyn - what a FUN day. that app looks great and love the girls nails! thanks for sharing :)

Kay Pickens - Oh, I especially love that one of you and kids! What a fun project to document your day!!

Amy - LOVE those $5 manis- they are so cute! You just can’t beat $5 for a little beauty at the mall. And the scarf, and the yogurt, and the crazy kids…flashbacks. Direct quote in our car on the way home, “My dad would have spanked me hard for that.” Nice. Nice. Nice.

BUT the picture of you- soooo cute!! xo

Stacy Reiman - I love seeing your day, Nancy! You document life so wonderfully!

jennifer foster - ahhh her smile is so infectious! love these Nancy, perfect lifestyle work, and way to go Bradyn, what a little Prince for letting you sleep in, now that’s a gift! 😉

Do not underestimate the power of your pictures in print

Not many adults grew up with a photographer for a mom.  But lots of kids these days have a mom with a fancy camera, constantly snapping away & then immersed in the computer…where they are to believe the pictures end up.  How does this ultimately translate for them?  I think for my kids, it usually translates to, “Cooperate for candy.  Mom is crazy.”  But on the all-too-rare occasion I print something?  I’m always reminded of the pride I have the power to instill in them.  Whether it’s a 4 x 6 print or a 16 x 16 canvas, it very obviously translates to, “My [crazy] mom took a picture of me that she likes so much that she wants to hang it up as art for everyone to see. ”

So if you’re a mom with a camera or a client of mine or a photographer.  Don’t underestimate the power of your pictures in print.

Please check out CMPro & Chicago photographer Jessica Gwozdz’s features of Kids As Art on her website & blog.

Jes Gwozdz - Love these shots of the kids with their big art pieces! I wonder if we are starting something that will pass on thru the generations and if our kids will feel compelled to decorate the walls with images of their kids too. I sure hope so!

Kat - Love this sentiment and the pic rocks!

Carey - yepyepyep!!!

Get Involved: Heroes Camp

I’ve had the privilege of getting involved at Heroes Camp this fall.  Please take a minute to visit their website and learn about them in their own words:  HEROES CAMP.

In my own words, Heroes Camp is a program for fatherless boys.  There is ministry.  There is basketball.  There is acceptance.  There is guidance.  There is a safe place to be after school with healthy food, fellowship & support.

Pat & BJ Magley are the founders of Heroes Camp.  They have a rich history in philanthropy, ministry, advocacy, not to mention Pat’s exceptional career as an athlete.  They are hands-on administrators.  Pat is on the court with the boys daily, teaching…& playing.

Boys are taught self-control, discipline and teamwork on the court.  They are required to play with poise and respect.  This is not a pick-up game at a park.  This is a structured program where boys are taught lessons they would not learn at home.  Lessons about appropriate behavior & appropriate appearance (pull your pants up!), all in a faith-based ministry setting.

They are taught to play hard and work hard.  They are kids growing up without a father at home.

They are kids with problems.  Problems my kids will never be able to even fathom.  My kids complain about the snacks I give them after school  They complain to their mother that’s there to open the door when they get off the bus.  They complain about the food I set in front of them as I kiss the top of their heads.  They complain that they’re “starving” when I make them wait to eat again until their father comes home for dinner.  It’s easy here in Granger.  My kids aren’t faced with real problems.  My kids do not know real problems. My husband and I have worked very hard to achieve this lifestyle.  But I made the choice to look outward.  I choose to be involved in Heroes Camp.

Heroes Camp is a ministry program that uses sports, especially basketball, to reach out to young men who are dealing with everything from gangs and substance abuse, to hunger and fatherlessness.


I have chosen to be involved with Heroes Camp.  I enjoy being there.  I like the vibe.  This is not a mindless Goodwill donation dropoff.  I have chosen for my involvement to be heartfelt and real, as opposed to out of pity and without thought.  They do not need my pity or handouts.  They need involvement and support.  In addition to ongoing effort, I’m giving $50 to their current fundraising effort.  They work hard achieving grant funding and community support.  But in the next few weeks, they need straightforward monetary donations.  They want to be able to employ a paid staff member.  The goal is to receive 500 donations of $50.  According to their facebook update on 12/10, they were 20% of the way there.

In addition to my personal donation, I’m offering $50 off a full-price session in 2012 to anyone that also gives $50 before 1/1/2012.  You’ll receive an email receipt for your online donation.  Just forward that receipt to me at info@nancylarystudios.com & commit to booking a 2012 session.


Amy Collier - Heroes Camp meets a real and deep need in our community. Keep up the fantastic work.

Jordan Richardson - Mrs. Nancy, thank you sooo much…You are exactly what “The Camp” needs, someone that has the eye to catch and see a thing that God’s heart sees. I have been a camper for 4 years now, and now at age 21, to say the least Heroes Camp has changed my life. They have been the support system of my life….spirit, soul and even body (I lost 50 pounds!!!). So I can relate to the feeling you felt when walking through those doors, and trust me the love you encountered will continue to touch your heart because God lives there. Again, thank you so much, and I hope to see you there again soon!

~Jordan Richardson
Camper 07′-11′

Elaine - This is great, Nancy! I’m glad you have looked outward – it’s something we should all do more often!

Brian - wow the work u have done is great keep it up!!

KMP - Nancy, it is so refeshing to see your powerful perspective of Heroes Camp. Thank you for allowing the world to see these kids through eyes of compassion, reality and involvement. Hats off to you!

Velshonna - This is a wonderful blog-pictures & words! Thanks for spreading the good news!