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Our Project Ten: August 10

I was so honored to be invited to be part of a Project Ten group. Ten photographers taking ten shots throughout the day & publishing them on the 10th of every month. The list of photographers in this group is amazing. I’ll post a link to the next person in the circle at the end of this post & you can hop through to each person’s post. Oh what a great opportunity for inspiration!

I’ve been feeling bad about not having done a very good job of documenting our lives this summer. I shot too much for family and other clients early this summer & have been too busy trying to catch up to put much into personal work. I don’t like hearing photographers say that and I didn’t like feeling like that myself. I’ve been trying to pick back up and do a better job of focusing on my kids. I’ve had all three all summer long. Every day. Trip to the store? All three kids. Workout at the gym? All three kids. It’s all totally doable but just a whole lotta work. We have one week of that left so I decided to document our life as a party of four on a normal day. Here’s what that taught me: I haven’t been shooting my kids this summer because it’s so much work to just get through the day with them that I have no mental mojo left for pictures of them, let alone with a theme. On one hand, I wish I’d poured more into this project for today. On the other hand, I’m glad I have a record of how ragged we run each other.

I’m really lucky that a “long day” for me includes the gym, the park, chik-fil-a, a pedicure (2nd one this summer, baby!), a decent dinner and a fairly trauma-free bedtime. I’m really lucky to have these long days because the months and years go by so quickly (or so they say). I’m really lucky that three kids are here.

Three kids were here and left their breakfast on the table. I get to set out three really cool bowls with straws. When we buy cereal, we get Cheerios once and then they get to pick a sugary cereal. Today it was Captain Crunch. Lily never eats her cereal but she sucks the milk dry.

Three kids were here and they produce a staggering amount of laundry. I didn’t start in with the laundry complaints until Lily was about a year old. My mom says I could keep up with it if I put a load in every day first thing in the morning. I’m an only child.

Three kids in and out of the car. I’m proud if we make a trip and I don’t say, “Just. GETINTHECAR!” at least once. I’m also pretty proud that my kids are fairly self-sufficient and do a good job of sitting down and buckling in.

Three kids were at the park & their mom went down the slide with them. This is too many people to go down a really hot slide at once. And that’s a fact. But I’m in a picture with my kids. I got on the other side of the camera. Sure maybe they’ll look at it one day and think, “Huh? We didn’t go down slides together…what the heck?” but we’re all there together and minus my shock at how hot the slide was, we’re having fun.

Three kids were at ChikFilA and three kids got balloons. Only one balloon will survive until the morning. The other two have already been popped. Can you guess who’s balloon that is? Wrong. It’s Lily’s. Balloons. Of which I am not a fan.

Three kids and at least one of them seems to always be touching me. When we relax together, there’s always a lot of snuggling. Works for me, especially if I can doze a little. A little downtime in the space between afternoon and evening is almost 100% essential. This was our first run with a remote and I’m so glad I got one!

Three kids and it’s almost always entirely too chaotic for the one in charge to attempt making dinner. Seems like it would be a good time for them to watch a show on TV but they don’t seem down with that most days. Fill the PAM lid with grapes? Sure, I’m not trying to cook or anything, you’re fine right where you are… (note popped balloon beside her)

Three kids and this one always commandeers the iTouch my parents gave them for the purpose of Face Time with my mom. I secretly like it that he’s getting into techy stuff.

At the end of the day, I decided to look for my favorite mess. One of the things that always gives me a little “kids were here” sigh is Bradyn’s room. He’s got a lot of stuff, most if it fairly organized. My seven-year-old was here and he made this mess while making what was surely a neatly-written, poorly-spelled list or sign.

Three kids were here and made a mess on the mirror & I had to put their toothbrushes into the holder just to take a picture.

I’m really lucky to have had a happy, healthy summer of extremely long days with three pretty great kids. I’m actually glad that today went the way it did so I have these images for myself. Some day I will be the semi-creepy lady in the grocery store telling a haggard young mom to “enjoy it because these are the best years and they go so fast”. The best I can do right now is try to be grateful and document it all.

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Jobrina Hofleit - Oh my goodness Nancy, this is absolutely perfect, I chuckled so much while reading each image….WOW, you certainly have full, fun, filled days with those three, who are as cute as cute can be! I’m exhausted with just our “one”, I can only imagine “three”! 😉

Carey - so completely utterly fabulous Nancy. LOVED it. I LOVE the idea of taking the images that portray kids were once here. The aftermath.

jennifer foster - I’m an only child too- I feel ya. These photos reminded me so much of our own family life (well minus two kids but who’s counting) I adore your commentary as well, you tell the story like nobody else! I feel like I was there! excellent.

Amy Lucy - What a great day to document. I love that you chose to capture the routine, normal happenings of everyday life. The one of the three of them loading the car reminds me of my own life! Beautiful, Nancy!

Shannon Harrison - Oh spots on the mirror, I know you all too well! :) adore all of you in the couch!

Stephanie Moore {Tucson Az Photographer} - I love how real these photos are Nancy! That last picture is oh so familar!

Val Spring - Oh Nancy, I felt that I was reading about my life in many of these images, sans that I only have two kids. Love how you start each image with “three kids…” Adoree how real these are and always love finding that I am not the only only child out there 😉
Great documenting fo your day!!!

efi - ..makes me wonna try to have a 3rd one.. lol.. just kidding.. love love the routine , i am always a fan of still ones !

robyn - love your words nancy. i am an only child too and i always have my mom commenting on the amount of laundry my two produce. love your shot on the couch and totally understand the spots on the mirror.

jules - love the snuggles on the couch! so sweet!

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Kirsty-Abu Dhabi - Nancy these are wonderful – what a record of the day – love the one of you all on the sofa together – thanks for sharing x

Amy - I missed seeing this one! Love all of these shots and can relate even though I only have two versus three :) You have also convinced me to get myself a remote. I love it!

breeze - oh, nancy, how i love you.

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the family that makes pancakes together…

sticks together.  Right?  Isn’t that how it goes?

This is one of the most lovely families you’ll ever meet.  They’ve got such a fun connection.

One of their favorite things to do as a family is make pancakes on the weekend mornings.  Or even sometimes on “backward days”, pancakes for dinner!  So we declared an official “backwards day” & had pancakes.  Little brother even suggested using sprinkles and come on, look at him…who could resist?

So…what’s something you always do at the farm?

When Amanda and I were talking about what their favorite things about visiting Grandma’s farm are…the tradition of getting donuts for the ride from the city came up. *CLICK!* Donuts on the farm!

Seeing the donuts will make you hungry but little sister’s dress might make you want to eat her instead. The curly heads on both kids are pretty yummy too.

I love that we found a meaningful location with an equally meaningful activity to capture their family enjoying.  Amanda feeds her kids (and obviously herself too…hello smokin’ in that fab dress) really well so it was that much more fun to see them throw back the donut yumminess.

JodyM - Nancy, I love this session. The BWs are perfect and I love the moments you captured. I have a “doughnut thing” with my family too so this really hit home.

Stacy - These are just lovely! What a super fun idea! (And I love mom’s dress! Great clothing choice!)

I photographed a superhero. True fact.

This guy was born early but you’d never know it.  He’s obviously quickly growing into a clone of his handsome father.

I do so dearly love each one of my three kids but I have to tell you, I really enjoyed spending time with a family of three.  Two parents.  One kid.  They totally outnumber him and it was a fun dynamic to experience.
Batman even hangs out in his bedroom. See him back there? Starting with shots of a kid in their room is one of my favorite things. I get a chance to connect with the kid, we get to look at some of their most prized possessions together and there’s always a bed to jump on.

I really think this is my favorite shot from this session. I love that he’s all nestled between them. Safe, adored, mooned over.

Check out those Spiderman kicks!

Oh the pretty people. He might look a lot like his dad but with a mom that beautiful, dad can’t take all the credit for the kiddo’s good looks!

I always make a point of shooting just mom & dad. Well, almost always. I totally left without doing it this time! I sat in my car contemplating whether or not to go back and I decided I should. I’m so glad I did! They had the fantastic idea to share a glass of wine. I love that I got them being grownups together…but still in their family surroundings.

Rachel - You.Are.So.Talented.

Wow! What awesome memories! Great read too!

Nancye50 - Thank you thank you, Rachel!

Jen Reihl - I just love these pictures, Nancy. You did such a fantastic job!

Stacy - Love these all, but especially the one of the whole family with the little guy in the middle! So sweet!